We stayed at Exotic Caye back in August and used their "dive shop" for the first two days. They don't have any boats, guides etc. but just book you with other local guides or shops. They were very pleasant and handled everything for booking dive and fishing trips. Their rental equipment however was sad. Our equipment was delayed for a few days by the airlines so we rented equipment from them. On one day I got a regulator which was so hard to breathe through I had to use the octopus, my wife got a air gauge which read exactly the same pressure when she returned from the dive as when she left and my son got a BC that filled itself with air when connected to the air hose. That could have been disasterous forcing him to the surface if not for his quick thinking, dumping the air as quickly as possible and the attention of a good dive guide who sized up the situation quickly and disconnected the air hose. The staff at the "dive shop" were very kind and apologetic and did not charge us for the use of the equipment. I only have nice things to say about them. However, we decided after that to book the diving directly. Protech has a shop one pier over and they are excellent. We also used Amigos Del Mar and Ambergris Divers and were very pleased with them as well. All within easy walking distance. Any of the shops will pick you up and return you to the dock at Exotic Caye resort and you save a few dollars and have better choices booking it directly. By the way, most of the dive guides still know the resort as Playador. Hope you enjoy the diving as much as we did.