LOL thats really about the only reason I look at it. I will try to help someone we a straight answer now and again. but look at this thread clover its really to funny.

1&2 guy asks what dive shop to use?
3 Jdog surprize reccommeds amigos
4 Kraz Says this is too hot a topic for her
5 Kraz but amigos is great to party with
6 Protech owner says ask his buddy hotel manager
7 You smartass remark
8 exotic caye horror story in equip
9 2 outa 3 aint bad
10 Hotel kickback schemes
11 Use dive shop in Bonaire
12 Casa fells pissed on not all hotels have scheme
13 seashell smartass response honduras dive shop
14 bluehole in 9 closed down
15&16 protech testimonials
17 on smartass responses no wonder Pedro1 goes crazy