My two best friends and I are all in our early 20's and are going to San Pedro for 2 months (May & June 2006) and were just wondering a few things:
1) How is the nightlife there? We love to go to clubs and dance, drink and have a great time until early the next morning.
2) Our condo is 20 minutes away from town, how long will it acutally take us to walk to the main part of town? and is it safe for us to walk say after the bars?
3) Has anyone stayed at or know anything about the 1 bedroom apartment at the Coral Reef Villas just outside of town? I am trying to get some reviews on it.
4) Any other fun things for us ladies to do while we are there would be appreciated.
5) Where else on the island do you recommend on the island to mingle with other locals?

thanks guys!
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~* Kerri *~