Too many villages got wiped out!

They need "Black-Zinc" roofing -- which is a thick corrugated tar paper
roofing material. Comes in packs -- 4 ft length. Very economic.

They need the small roofing nails for the above.

Not metal sheet roofing! (To long and heavy to back-pack or haul in a canoe)

They will eventually replace their roofs with "thatch".

They need rice and beans -- not tinned foods.

They need simple pots and pans -- and utensils -- pot spoons mainly.

They need machetes and files/stones to sharpen them with.

They need this all right away. Over 8000 of em.

They are already hard at work. They can do their own thing -- just get them
those simple items above -- right away!

Do not get carried away with "fancy" stuff -- like gensets -- metal roofing
-- canned goods -- etc.

They need what I have listed above. And they need that "yesterday".

Peter Singfield

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