Kitty's Place lost a couple verandas, the roof on the kitchen and one house in Craboo Landing. Reports are that even the "sand bar" is wet but ok.
Reports are that Kitty's own home (next door to the resort)came through fine.
Also -Professional Builder's Supply looked ok to a passer-by.
The road to Placencia is still there and a caravan of residents are on their way home from the places where they took shelter.
We need to support the people of Placencia by not writing them off as "100% destroyed". This would be adding to their pain, as it will scare off any tourists that could otherwise still come for a visit in 2002.
This is not meant to say that the devastation is minor - it is horrible, but we need to be accurate rather than be carried away by our emotions.
As usual in a disaster - the poor are the ones who suffer most ......... they not only lost their homes but they lost the bananas and oranges that provide them with income. They also lost their horses, etc. They are left with nothing.