I am back from a great weekend (thanks to my hosts for bagging a delicious roe deer for Sunday lunch - yumm). Anyway, I am looking through that field guide and thanks for the heads up on that one Gail (you are full of great information). It seems more of a general field guide to Belize as opposed to AC as I don't think there are Howler Monkies on AC or Fer de Lance. Do correct me if I am wrong though. Nevertheless it is a bloody brilliant site. I might print it up and take it to bed for a good read.

Is there anything about Fauna more specific to AC? Is Richie someone who welcomes enquiries? Would we be able to approach him for advice? Are you aware of any current research being done up there...I'd be quite happy counting turtle eggs or croc footprints or whatnot.

ps. Can't get that pdf link to work for some reason.

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