I got this email from a lady who is looking for family members and friends in Punta Gorda area....I suggested she post but she didn't so I am doing it for her:
Here's her message:

Unforyunately I have yet to make any contact with my relatives in Punta
Gorda as of yet. I am married to Maurice Kenneth Ramclam, I am here in the
States and have tried unsuccesfully to find out about my relatives in PG. We
have a house in Elridge Village, my mother in law is Soila Ramclam, my
sister in law Slyvia and Thomas Johnston live in PG town, I am also
interested in any informaion on Waluco's and the Mir A Mar Hotel in PG Ms.
Elsa and her family, also any information on Marcos, the weird American in
PG. I also have a sister in in law and her family in Independence, Bertha
and Kent Parham and their family. Also Mr. Arron Thompson and his family in
the village of Forrest Home in PG, also the Williams of Forrest Home, Louise
and Ralph and their family, if any one has heard anything from anyone
besides the news reports that are offering us NOTHING, would you please
post, and I will reply any information as soon as I have it available. Thank
you and may all your family and friends be safe and sound!!!!!! Our love
and prayers to all !!

Jennifer Ramclam [email protected]

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