Elito and I wanted to give you an update from San Pedro. All
of San Pedro has been working nonstop all day raising money and donations
of food and clothing. The Town Hall has been the headquarters for the
fundraising efforts. Everyone from highschool students to business have
volunteered their time to the fundraising. The Reef Radio has been
basically been airing the efforts from Town Hall throughtout the day in the
form of a telethon. The efforts of all these wonderful has raised close to
thirty thousand dollars so far. The Town Board trucks also went through
the streets and from home to home collecting donations. We also know that
at least one plane load of supplies fly from San Pedro to Placencia.
Tomorrow a group of boats will depart San Pedro for Placencia loaded with
relief supplies. They plan to stop at other devastated communities along
the way and drop off supplies. So far we know that our boat SEAduced,
Tanisha, BottomTime, Sea Wolf, Barefoot Watersports and Searious will be
making that trip.
Thank You San Pedro and San Pedranos!!
We will update you tomorrow when Elito gets back from Placencia.
Rebecca Arceo
SEAduced by Belize

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