Just returned from 2 wonderful weeks in Belize--our first time there--and it was fabulous!

I will do a trip report with photos later but in general, here are my thoughts.

We moved around a bit and spent time on the mainland, then north of the cut, and in town.

My first impression of A.C. after the first few nights was that everyone on all the other Carribean islands/countries need to come to Belize and take lessons from the Belizeans. I was floored by their hospitality. In my 20 years of traveling I have never experienced anything like it. (The manager, a sales rep, and activity coordinator at Costa Maya excluded).

We spent most of our time at Paradise Villas through Cap'n Ron and it was wonderful. Great location, the grounds very nice, and for being close to town it was very quiet and felt secluded. Nice pool too. Our units were fully equipped and didn't need anything. The beds were surprisingly very comfortable. Usually when you travel, the beds are too hard. Everything exceeded my expectations.

We dove with Reef Adventures which is right by Paradise Villas. The crew there is wonderful! Ched, Phillip, Russell and the rest of the gang took good care of us. They're all a bunch of sweethearts. (I hope I didn't embarass Russell too much). The small dive groups was a HUGE plus! Which we learned after going to the Blue Hole with a large dive operation and a group of about 10--not exactly fun. It becomes a battle to stay away from people crowding you and swimming under you and pushing you out of the way for that "perfect photo." No consideration for other divers. Not the diver operator's fault, though, but it's inevitable in groups that large.

We also spent a couple nights at Costa Maya and the only thing I will say about that is that the unit we had was great, the views spectacular, and the grounds were pretty nice. A great place if you want seclusion, quiet, relaxation and access to nothing. The waiters, maintenance staff, bartenders were great.

After lurking on this message board for the last couple months and after actually visiting Belize, I finally felt I had something to contribute and felt I needed to give credit where credit was due.

Thank you for all the info/indirect advertising or whatever you want to call it that you all post here. It was very helpful in planning our trip.

Sorry this was so long. Full trip report to follow.