Being a 'geography' buff since I was a little boy, I am still constantly surprised when I realize that so many people simply don't have a clue where is Belize and a lot of them don't even recognize the name.

In the recent years, the States saw a huge growth in the popularity of drinking fashionable bottled water, and more recently (in the last 18-24 months) water from exotic locations is a big favorite. One that has been in very high demand is the brand "Fiji" bottled water that sells for up to two dollars on the California supermarket shelves.
Fiji water owes its success vastly to its exotic name, as it was not doing well at all when it was called "Aqua Pacific", but when they changed the name to "Fiji" it became the new craze and they can't even keep up with the demand now.

Now, I think that someone in Belize needs to do the same and of course call it "Belize Water".

I think that putting the name of "Belize" on a water bottle could definitely be a big hit in the States, and it would be a fantastic way to tell the world about "exotic Belize".