The rumor of my death has been greatly exaggerated. (somebody said that)I know you have missed my humor since I have been away. I want to make one final post regarding the Auction. Many people worked very hard behind the scene to make the auction such a success. They did so without, in my opinion, just recognition. Joyce, former owner of The Hideaway Lounge, put in many hours without a whole lot of help deserves a standing ovation! R.B & Judy (Lovey&Thurston) refinished and repainted the chairs, poor R.B. had just returned from Honduras after serving several weeks with the Medical Missionaries and still found time to do the rebuilding of the chairs in time for the auction. A standing ovation to both of them! Winning bids came from every direction, Pedro 1, Chap, Casey, Gary out bid everyone on several items and then donated the items back to be auctioned again! I can't name all the winners but to all of you, I say THANK YOU!!! The actual amount of money raised has been uped by $450.00 for a total of $8,750.00 !!!!! I am proud to have had a small part in this effort. Thanks again.



Following is the list of items sold at the auction, who the winning bidder was and how much the item brought;

Coffee Maker $50.00 Pedro 1 (Pedros Inn)

Sky Explorer R/C $125.00 Pedro 1

Metal Detector $250.00 Casey Moore (Island Construction)

Stone Art Frog $350.00 R.B. Merntz

Painting $150.00 Dee Thomas

Hideaway "T" Shirt $100.00 Mark Leonard (Cerros Sands)

Painting $250.00 Mark Leonard (donated back to reauction)

Painting $250.00 Chap

Queen Chair $425.00 Mark Leonard (donated back for reauction)

Queen Chair $525.00 Peter (Caribean Villas)

Hideaway "T" Shirt $200.00 Kerry Curren

Computer speakers $60.00 Chap

Casey Moore Chair $375.00 Cathy (Monkey Bites)

Trish Carter Chair $325.00 Joanne Frei

Normans Chair $150.00 Jeff

Charlenes Chair $800.00 Valerie Merrit

Hideaway Colage Table $525.00 Mary Pugh (M&M)

Paisanos Chair $2,500.00 Pete Miron Belican Supply Depot

Additional Donations $775.00
Calendar sales $300.00
email donations thru the SPSC $450.00

Grand Total $8,885.00

"What an awsome day! Great music, great turn out. I never dreamed it would turn out so well and what a good feeling to see so many friends and supporters. Thanks to each and everyone, from Joyce and all the Calendar Girls"

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