The Ambergris Caye Disaster & Rescue Response Team is in need of financial help and/or equipment help. If anyone can donate to this much needed service, please contact Jules Escalante at 621-3295 or Sterling Vorus at 226-3231.

Here is a list of emergency phone numbers:

In Case of Emergency Call:
Island Ferry 226-3231
VHF Channel 11

Additional Contacts:

Capt. Sterling Vorus 610-3411
Capt. Jason Edwards 605-4733

North Ambergris

Cori Docter 226-3257
Caitlyn Sharpe-Docter 621-6279
Cullen Walker 622-8201
Dr. Dan Gonzales 226-2660
Dr. Tina Kokkinis 606-2316
Dr. Lerida Rodriguez 226-2197
SSS Chamber 226-2197
Sr. Otto Rodriguez 600-0287

Police 226-2022
Fire Dept. 226-2372
Rape/Abuse Hot Line 623-0688