As a basic start we would like each of Sterling's six boats to be equiped with a waterproof case (Corona Steve is working on these, thank you!) and the following:

ambu bags
cpr mask (barrier shields)
pulse oxy
blood pressue cuffs/stethescopes
protection glasses
nasal tubes (airway management)
gauze,4X4 bandages~ lots of gauze..(blood stopping stuff)
super glue
sam splints or c-spine collars
duct tape
surgical tape
latex gloves
ace bandage wraps (self adhesive kind if possible)
band aids

If you have access to this type of equipment, please bring it down when you come or send it down with someone who is coming. Hospitals throw away thousands of items a day that we could use in an emergency when life is at stake.

If anyone has a large quantity of these materials that could be donated, please PM me to discuss shipping.

There are many people that love this island and the country of Belize. Everyone associated with this group has volunteered their time and services. If a many people pitch in and do a little, this will be a success. Every little bit helps.

"Just another Day in Paradise"