The digital photography classes have been completed. First of all I want to thank those of you who donated camera. I'm ashamed to say I have lost track of everyone but I do know that Amanda, Sun & Sand, Pam and Wayne and Ken & Monica gave. Those of you who I have ˜forgotten" please send me an instant message so I can properly record this. There were many cameras donated including two Canon A6's and Scubawalk donated four more new Canon A520's so that we could use the same models in teaching the kids.

We decided to give one of the older model cameras to Detective Inspector Myles for use by the Police Department. He has been very successful in arresting criminals and getting convictions. I am working to set up a way to get more media coverage on these successes to get the word out on the street that San Pedro is no longer open to wholesale thievery and major crimes. I sincerely hope that those of you who donated do not have a problem with this decision.

Cullen Walker came forward and offered to assist me with the class. Truth be told he did more for the class than did I. Thank you Cullen!

We had 10 pupils that attended classes. Four children attended and participated in enough classes to graduate. We both felt that this class was a good start in an effort to develop new opportunities for the children of San Pedro.

Cullen made up folders for each that contained a diploma and two prints of their work suitable to hang on their wall at home. Together we selected one image for each student and I wrote an article for the newspapers and took a picture of the two who came to the graduation ceremony. The San Pedro Sun ran the article as a feature. You can view it at It laid out in print much nicer than it shows up here.

I suggested to the Sun that they take on our brightest pupil, Monica Ack, as a student photographer. They like the idea. I will work with them getting this to happen.

Again thanks to each and every one of you who made this dream a reality.

Take only pictures leave only bubbles