I went to the hospital today and gave Julia's husband 2800 bzd(more money has been promised by various people)-it was embarrasing their eyes opened so wide and tears were brimming-they obviously could not believe what they were seeing-I saw her wounds though covered by bandages -they looked like Anthony Sopranos after he was shot by his uncle)the room in the surgical ward was very clean but there was nothing there not even a bottle of water-through my interpreter her husband told me they had no money left-the only help they had received was 200bzd from her church and 700 bzd from Armando Graniel-
I would like to thank the following who have made their day
Tim,Byron,Steve,Jan,Reaper,Deacon,Johnny from Tropic,scuba do,ambergishog,sun @sand,windjammer,deacon,Mark,Chris,Otterlaum,Pedro2,Marty-if Mobunny,and finally Hazel.
If I have missed anyone I apologise and will make it up to them with a free drink at my place.
we are arranging for legal services to make sure that they do not get screwed on the insurance side-they have not been in touch and I have impressed on the husband not to sign anything until I and legal reps are present.
On a final note the money is not going to last long -maybe people are collecting money for them/maybe not but as yet nothing has arrived -her wounds are appalling and she is going to have to move out of her room on saturday to a general ward(nothing like as clean)for people who have not contributed maybe you may feel like sending Steve a few dead presidents to make this lovely poor couples days happier and without a doubt easier.
p.s.s my taxi driver/interpreter was also in tears