Joan and I got home this morning around 2 o'clock. The trip was wonderful! Thank you to those of you who filled us in with loads and loads of useful information.

Banana Beach was very nice, and provides good value. The suite was very clean, and extra towels were provided, just for the asking. The staff is very friendly. A burnt out light bulb was replaced within 5 minutes of our reporting it. The air conditioner worked well, and was very quiet. The fact that they have their own generator came in handy the night of the island wide power outage. The security staff seemed very efficient, and on top of things. Out of sight most of the time, yet visable when necessary.

Our favorite restaurants were el Divino (at Banana Beach), Casa Picasso, Mangos, Capricorn, and Caliente. Breakfast was included at Banana Beach, so we didn't go anywhere else for breakfast. We don't do lunch, so I have no reports on that. We weren't impressed with our meal at Caramba's, but based on other positive comments here, we may have hit it on an off night, or perhaps, we should have ordered Mexican.

We had pizza at Pedro's, and it really was excellent...thin, crispy crust, great sauce,and excellent cheese.

The beach barbque at BC's was a lot of fun, and the chicken was huge, and very tasty. We met JDTremblay, his wife, and sun&sand at BC's. JD, I hope your cold is better by now.

Loved Belekin. Didn't care for One Barrel.

The snorkeling and fishing were woderful. It was the best snorkeling I ever experienced, and I've snorkeled all over the Carribean and South Pacific.. Had a great time!

We still can't get over how nice and friendly the people of AC are. Very, very pleasant! The only jerks we ran into, were Americans...more about them on another post later.

The weather was perfect the first 3 or 4 days, then in turned cloudy and stayed that way. Not too conducive to catching rays.

On the flight from San Pedro to Belize City, I asked the pilot if Joan could sit in the co-pilot's seat for the trip, and he said no problem. She really enjoyed the view from the cockpit.

I chickened out, and didn't rent a golf cart. The traffic in town made me really paranoid about that. What a wuss!

We're already planning our trip back next year. Can't wait!

Coming to you from the beautiful Oley Valley.