I also either read somewhere, or heard on the news yesterday that listserve member, Valentino Shal, current Chairman of the Toledo Maya Council (or something of the sort), was appealing for everything for babies for his villages. They needed disposable diapers (villagers unable to wash clothes in the river because river contaminated), baby formula, baby clothes, bottled water, etc. etc. etc. Apparently, out of those 8,000 homeless in the Toledo District, the large majority are babies and children.

Indeed, I took a trip down to PG on Wednesday with a convoy of boats from Caye Caulker taking down relief supplies (food, blankets, water, butane tanks, shovels, rakes, etc.). On arriving in PG on Wednesday evening, a friend of a friend drove us up to San Pedro Columbia, home village of one of the hicacenos on the convoy with us. It was horrendous. There was damage everywhere, but what was more awful to look at were the babies sleeping naked on wet cement - no clothes, no homes. Each rainstorm means a wet bed for everyone.

I watched the Channel 7 news today (repeat of yesterday's evening news) and
several things the announcer said struck me:

1. Caye Caulker and San Pedro, small communities in the scope of things,
have RUSHED out immediately to offer assistance to the victims of the

2. More than 10,000 homeless now - 8,000 in the Toldeo District (villages).

3. People still missing, unaccounted for: 2 people from Monkey River, I
believe, who were washed away with their house. Bodies have not been
recovered and people are still missing. And another 6 people in another
house somewhere else that was also washed away. Those people are also still
missing. 22 deaths total so far on the Wave Dancer - not 20.

Wendy Auxillou

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