akaysus now your talking ,lobster is my middle name.your best bet when you do your all day fishing ,and lobster bbq .tell the capt when he hunts for the lobster you want to watch.or can you help??it is a trip to do !! if your doing it with a licensed guide there should be no problem ,if you have a guide already make sure he is going to dive for fresh lobster ,and not have some out of his freezer he caught last week to save time... Part of the on the water experience is to catch fresh fish and let them cook your fish and lobster fresh on the grill ..if your all set with a gude have a great time?? if you need one go to my buddy's web site fishingsanpedro.com tel 501-2262835 tell steve you want a fishing , snorkel , fresh fish/lobster bbq day and you want to get in the water to watch and can you help? he will hook you up with a great local 2 man team capt and mate who will make you so happy...but what ever you do who ever you pick.. have great fun and go live the dream !!!

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