Capt. Jeff invited me and mine out to dinner on Saturday night.

Meeting at the Island Ferry, we jumped in the 36 footer and sped off under the star filled sky to Rojo's Lounge. Met on Rojo's dock, by an usher with flashlight in hand, we made our way to the thatch cathedral where we immediately ordered some Pino. (Pino on the beach - oh yeah)

We left all the ordering to the expert - the Capt. himself.

Three words only to describe the feat - out stand ing!

Firecraker lobster poppers, flatbreads with various dips, amazing mashed potatoes, Capt. Jeff's Lobsters, stuffed grouper and three various decadent desserts.

With full bellies and high spirits we returned back to San Pedro with yet another wonderful night in our memory banks.

Thanks for the experience Capt. Jeff!

Whadayagonnado! (SIN+1, Steve, Shaz, Jeff and the lovely Clarissa)


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