I have been doing a lot of research about AC as of late- preparing for a Belize vacation at the end of Nov- early Dec. My husband and I love to snorkel, swim in clear waters w/sandy ocean floors, kayak, take a sail or boat ride, fish, lay out on the beach with a good drink, eat good seafood- take day tips for sightseeing and shop the local markets of whatever area we are visiting. From all that I have read- Tranquility Bay seems to have all of this... for those of you that have been to this resort- are there any real negatives? My husband does like to keep up with the news, daily happenings etc, and I read on the web site that there are no telephones or tv's in the rooms...are there any places nearby with a tv just to catch up on CNN?
Seems like a great vacation spot- but fairly new- I have read very positive comments on trip advisor... any additional comments will be greatly appreciated! Thanks~