Deacon started a food fight thread recently and I personally I believe that if deacon had a bad experience at a restaurant then he should have the right to post-it without being attacked or belittled. I appreciate the fans of the restaurant who gave favorable opinions without insulting deacon, which appear to have convinced deacon to give CP another try - I sure hope to try it on my next visit. That's not the subject of this thread, but I just had to get that off my chest. In that thread, however, I believe deacon mentioned that he was a tattoo design artist. On both of my trips (11/05 & 5/06) I tried desperately to find a tattoo artist. On the first trip a guy named Pirate ( wink that's what I thought, too, but he was a real nice fella) gave me two names and phone numbers: got no answer on one number and left two messages on the other but no one ever returned my call. Feeling sorry for me on my second visit, Pirate gave me another phone number of a different fella but we couldn't get a hold of him either. I also got this guy's e-mail address but I haven't tried it yet because things there seem to change often. So, deacon, if you're just designing tattoos, then you may have a real glitch in your business plan. If however, you implement your designs then, by all means, please PM me when you get set-up and I'll plan on paying you a visit when I get to the island early next year - Lord willing. And I'll post a thread asking about tattoos shortly before my next trip, so anyone with current information is asked kindly to reply.

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