Capt Jeff, I think some clarification is in order.
1. At no time have I refused to speak with Mr. Ritchie, we have discussed his situation.
2. Mr. Ritchie is a minority shareholder and is not a member of the Board of Directors and there was no obligation to consult him before taking decisions.
3. Mr. Ritchicie purchased stock from an individual and it is none of his business what that individual did or didn't do with the money.
4. Mr Cooper fully disclosed all pertintent details and misrepresented nothing to us and has done nothing to warrant Mr.Ritchie's baseless allegations.
5. Mr. Ritchie has materially misrepresented and lied about his situation to all who would listen.
6. I will not further air company business on this venue so no replies are necessary.
7. I too advise Mr. Ritchie to seek competent legal council before he publishes any more potentialy liabelous statements concerning Mr. Cooper, The Campbells, Xaman Ek or Playa Blanca Dive & Beach Club.
8. I apologize to you and all my friends who have had to listen to this inappropriate drivel.
9. Cody just bought new tennis shoes for school, size 15, matches his age. You need a bigger boat.
Xaman Ek