Language can link us with
other cultures, no matter how
foreign the tongue may be. In
an effort to share this
form of communication
with our audience, The
San Pedro Sun proudly
presents – Words of the Week.

This week, we will
present a few phrases
in English and give you
their Creole and
Spanish translations.
Special thanks to Sylvana
Woods for her help with the
Creole translations. Enjoy!!!

English I have to get off at the next stop.
Creole Ah waahn get aaf da di neks stap.
Spanish Voy a bajar en la otra parada.

English Could it be sent out today?
Creole Ah wanda if unu ku sen dis tudeh?
Spanish ¿Se puede mandar hoy?

English It looks good on me!
Creole Dis luk gud pahn mi!
Spanish ¡Esto se ve bien en mi!