Hey folks! Just got the news from Marty and Frank: The Red Cross has matched the funds raised by Marty.


This message sent to the Bz-Culture Mailing List from "Frank Redmond" <[email protected]>:

Through this list and particularly Marty's efforts we have so far raised $15,000. ........37 houses.

Through other sources we have an additional $12,500 promised......31 houses.

As we passed the $20,000 mark, we petioned the international Red Cross to at least match the funds raised so far.

Today, they have agreed to match the first 50 houses by donating $20,000.

We now have committed funds for 118 houses. 82 to go.

If we can find a way to raise an additional $12,500 (32 houses) I have high hopes that I could persuade the Red Cross to fund the
remaining 50, using the same principle of matching what we raise.

That would make 200 houses.

can we do it ?

I will be down in PG with Marty and Peter thursday PM and friday, and we will post pictures. I will also ask Marty to give his own update on his return to Cayo.



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