Reef Check Announces 2006-2007 Training of Trainers Course:
Calling all Instructors and DM’s who want to Save the Worlds Reefs

Reef Check Executive Director Dr. Gregor Hodgson has announced the 2006-07 schedules for Training of Trainers sessions to be offered by the Reef Check Foundation in support of its worldwide EcoAction monitoring efforts. These 2006-07 trainings and class materials are available on a first come first serve basis to active status industry professionals.

“Reef Check EcoAction training programs offer dive operators and resort owners the chance to make participation in environmental education financially self-sustaining” said Dr. Hodgson. “Industry research indicates that educated and informed divers are frequent divers. Reef Check’s scientifically tested and proven programs are specifically designed keep divers traveling and getting back in the water. Its fun, easy to do and will help make environmental sustainability profitable.” Market research shows the program can be sold for a suggested retail cost of up to $350.

The Reef Check Training of Trainers course is designed to provide participants with the skills and experience needed to train recreational divers in the Reef Check EcoAction survey protocol. In addition to teaching survey methods, the training program addresses safe diving practices, techniques of research diving, sampling design and theory, general marine ecology including species identification and interactions, and the importance of monitoring to meet marine management needs. Trainings include a combination of classroom and field sessions. Following completion of the training, all participants will have the skills necessary to successfully complete the training examination allowing them to contribute data to the worldwide database and will be certified to teach the Reef Check EcoAction Specialty Certification (NAUI or PADI) pending RC HQ approval.

The dates and cost of the training is as follows;

Belize Nov. 15-17 2006, San Pedro ($40 Bz)

The dates and costs advertised at at the DEMA show in Orlando are as follows;

Belize Nov. 15-17 2006, San Pedro ($50 USd)**

To sign up email us at [email protected] or call Alli at 605-5299 and provide the following information:
Dive Shop:
Dive Shop Phone:
Personal Phone:
Years diving:
Professional Certification level and agency number: