Hi All thanks for your response and action.

Deacon as we chatted about last night at Pedro's we are so glad to have you as Santa. I am working on finding out time for you to arrive.

That is great Belizegail.

Adman I private messaged you my mailing addy. I know mail can be slow but as far as the school goes so far, the mail Gods have been hearing my prayers so much so that they are waving duty on donations or charging very little. Yay.

Thanks for the specs on the stuffed animals Tinkerbell, they sound perfect.

DitchDocDiver that is great, I am sure you will find some wonderful kids to give the presents too, You could always give them out directly or maybe to the library if they are still open at that time.

If anyone is coming down and has room in their suitcases, I would love to make a dollar store order or 2.

Right now my main resources are this board and trying to find cheap bulk lots on ebay for smaller toy items.

We now need to get more mid size presents With Tinkerbelle's 18 that leaves 82 needed. I will find out about Christmas stockings later today a net friend in Colorado has offered to check for me.

I am confident we can totally pull this off with all your help so far I can imagine kids will have a nice Christmas party.

I almost forgot those of you who are here on that date Dec 15, are welcome to come and join the fun.

I will keep posting progress and what is needed along the way.

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