Another wonderful creation is being introduced to the island these days - the fine flavors of Sangre de Maya liqueurs. A quartet of tantalizing tastes - Coffee Liqueur, Maya Gold Vodka, Blue Hole Rum and the latest, Hammerhead Rum, are guaranteed to tickle the tummy and lift the spirits. Made exclusively from Belizean ingredients these savory sensations are brought to you courtesy of Tres Cocos residents, Dennis and Judie Fisher.

The concept behind Sangre de Maya came from a conversation between Dennis and a neighbor, regarding their fantasy occupations. Both had similar ideas to process fine liqueurs and so they collaborated on the idea and voila! - Sangre de Maya - another Belizean success story.

The four fantastic flavors facilitated by the Fishers feature: Coffee Liqueur - a vodka based concoction, which is 12% alcohol by volume and similar to Kahlua. The other three liqueurs are 40% alcohol by volume, each with a flavor as unique as the culture of Belize. While Blue Hole Rum is a zesty chocolate mint and Maya Gold Vodka a spicy cinnamon, Hammerhead Rum has a tangy orange flavor with "just a hint of pear." As one satisfied customer commented, "It's more than what's in the bottle; it's a Belizean experience!"

Several interesting drink recipes have been concocted from each of the flavors, and Dennis and Judie are also willing to assist with signature drinks for local establishments. The "BBC" or Blue Banana Colada is a favorite as well as the ever-popular "Blue Meany." These and other taste tempting recipes can be downloaded or printed by visiting the company's web site at

From San Pedro Sun

Sangre de Maya Liqueurs are conveniently packaged in a perfectly sized 250-milliliter bottle, which makes a sensational souvenir, a great gift, as well as a wonderful wedding or welcome basket. A local artist is responsible for the attractive designs on each of the labels, which feature intricate Maya symbols in the border, colorful Belizean wildlife such as the national bird - the toucan and the Hammerhead shark, as well as the spectacular scenic wonder of the Blue Hole.