Check out the various realtor pages. Many new condo properties have incentive pricing available to jump start sales. Banana Beach has very attractive pricing and high occupancy if you are looking for a return on your investment. If you are looking for a condo to live in, Paradise Villas may be an option for you. You can purchase a single unit in PV. It can be a bit noisy at PV, a lot of vacation renters and close to bars/neighbors.

Timeshare is not a disease, but an affordable alternative to those who cannot afford whole ownership or the stress of owning a second home. Just as many share ownership in a resort complex such as Paradise Villas, many choose to share ownership in one particular unit.

On the contrary, timeshare or fractional ownership resorts can be better as renters are rarely found as occupants but rather owners return to enjoy their investment.

Why buy the whole thing when all that may be needed is a week or two.

Shared ownership is a global concept experiencing unprecedented growth. Business jets, sailing and motor yachts, exotic cars and condominiums can now be shared to enjoy the benefits of equitable ownership but share the expenses incurred with the same.


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