Dear CreoleMonster: You are wrong. The Paradise Villas CCR's do NOT allow subdividing in any form, including the dreaded "timeshare."

While I am aware that a couple of real estate agents are purporting to offer single units in Paradise Villas, the buyers will not be able to take clear title unless and until those CCR's are changed. That is why I am selling both of my units, I cannot sell one only and give the buyer clear title under the CCR's.

. While whether timeshares are good or bad for Belize and the property owners (I consider them to be a negative and there is much research that backs up that view) is a matter of OPINION about which reasonable people may disagree, what the CCR's allow Paradise Villas owners to do or not do is a a matter of FACT. You ought not give out inaccurate information about such matters.

If you think you know more about the Paradise Villas CCR's than I do (being one of the owners there) please be so kind as to identify yourself and state the basis for your "knowledge" of this legal matter. Are you a Paradise Villas owner? What is your name?

Your statement about Paradise Villas being noisy due to adjacent bars and restaurants is also inaccurate. There are no "bars" adjacent to (or even near) Paradise Villas, other than the palapa hut restaurant in front of the Paradise Hotel, and it is only open for breakfast and lunch. It does not generate "noise." There is a bar in the Paradise Hotel grounds but it has been closed for at least a couple of years. The nearest bar is at the end of the Hustler dock and it is only open one or two nights a week. It is far enough away not to create noise, even on those rare occasions when there is live entertainment. Behind the Paradise Villas is a real estate management company and a hardware warehouse.
More wrong information!
I sense an agenda here, but I don't know what it is. Who are you?

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