One of the advantages of Paradise Villas is that it is a regular condo development, without the "captive management" provisions that most of the other so called condo developments have built in.
This means nobody can tell you how you use your condo, who you must hire to manage, when you can visit, what you must rent for, etc. There are rules just like all condos, but they are for the benefit of the owners, to prevent owners from running laundries or other commercial businesses unsuitable for residential properties, and the rule against subdividing prevents owners from turning their units into timeshares (which are detrimental to property values and increase management costs for everyone.)
Caveat emptor is always a good rule and nobody should buy a condo anywhere without first seeing the CCR's.
But I disagree with the "get a US attorney" advice. US attorneys rarely are familiar with Belizean law. If you want legal advice on property law in Belize, you need to hire a Belizean lawyer. But if you do that, get a retainer agreement in advance for hourly fees. Don't agree to pay a percentage to the lawyer. They don't do enough work to justify a percentage unless you are involved in a complicated deal.

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