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The Boca Del Rio Property

The Property Owner is interested in the following:
1- Complete Sale of the entire property with home.
2- Sale of a portion of the property excluding “Remaining Portion of Property.
3- Sale of individual lots.
4- Business partnership whereas the investor builds infrastructure with the value of their input to become a % ownership in relation to the value of the property or portion of property used in the development.

The Owner will finance purchase of property.
NOTE: One river lot 75x75’ is in the process of sale.

Some Potential Property Uses:
Development as a resort.
Enclosed gated apartment complex.
Enclosed gated Condominiums in the High to Middle range.
Enclosed gated subdivision.

Qualities of Property:
Mainly View and Location
1- 517’ of surveyed beach ocean frontage. (Actual ocean frontage is over 600’)
2- 375+’ of river frontage along Boca Del Rio. (Actual river frontage is over 400’)
3- Uniquely positioned to be segregated. Approx.90% is now surrounded by water.
4- Over 300’ of seawall and interior protected canal
5- Largest tract undeveloped next to San Pedro Town.
6- Survey shows 5 acres, with accretion and Queen’s land, over 6 acres.
7- Connected to town water.
8- Blue hole cave in ocean only 50 feet from property.
9- Surrounding area improving and developing rapidly to high-income level.