Up Date on The Calender Girl Project:
A number of Calender Girls met with Mayor Paz, and RC School Principal Ms. Kay, to find out what the greatest need for the school and children is. Ms. Kay said more class room space so more children could attend school. She suggested going up with a second story over a building on the south side of the campus that has 3 large class rooms. This has been checked out and measurements taken, and we are now getting estimates on the cost of building materials. These will be paid for by proceeds from the calendar project, and other groups helping. The work will be a labor of love and come from our community.
Please help us make this dream
Give the gift of a calendar ($20 BZ) for a xmas gift, or call 226-3498 or 622-4110 and gift some of your time to help our children... they are our future. It can can be done if we all work together. Thanks to all for your support.