Hello Miss HOTTIE,
What a BOD !!!!!!!!!!!Why buy dirt , when you can purchase a turn-key -operation condo & immediately enjoy & have income !!!! Its Reef Village !! One of the best deals on the island! Mostly sold out, might be a few left ! I bought 2 years ago site unseen, went down to San Pedro in feb 06, And was amazed at how nice the condo was for $124,500 US.. Been offered $75,000 more than what I paid for , of course the answer was no !! I love SP & see good things ahead ! There were alot of negative replys to me from this board, which went in one ear & out the other !!What can I say, Adversity builds Character & makes me stronger!! I'm a Florida Gator boy from Tampa ,Florida that loves the Swamp ,Lynard Skynard, & Loves women !!
However, I am thankful to all the positive replys
from a few select people on this board who are very intelligent & open minded & give good info.!!!YOU know who you are !!These condos will easily be worth 250-350K in the next 3-5yrs..Take that to the bank & deposit it !!!
I only visit this board every now & then...too busy riding my Harley, Fishing,Working out, & RollerSkating!!! Dont laugh, Its a hell of a Cardio workout & great for your SEX LIFE !!
Well , the Real Deal must depart at this time !!
Please feel free to PM me with any comments !!
Especially the single women , I 'm looking for a new partner in Crime & whatever comes my way !!
Must be able to handle A Natural born LEO, A Leader not a follower , A mover & A Shaker , who Lives on the Edge & Likes to dance on it !!!
So long from the Sunshine State ! The NAZZZZMANNNN.....often imitated,never Duplicated !! The REAL DEAL