2miles, no, it isn't true. Our unit is in the first building, and it's not sinking...it isn't cracked. I don't know where these rumors get started, but I do wish someone would get their facts straight. In fact, this building will be standing long after the wind has blown others down around it. It is not going anywhere. It is level, it is strong, and it is nice. Whomever you spoke to who is "close to the project" isn't giving you the facts. OH well...I'm finished tryng to educate...you all can just think what you want, and we'll see what's left after the next hurricaine. If RV goes, so be it....I'll eat crow. If it's still standing and anyone out there needs a shelter, you are more than welcome to come to our place. We will be gracious, and not serve humble pie, or crow. I hope no one takes a punch, but at least with Mother Nature, the facts are the facts, not rumors.

Live so that when you arise in the A.M, Satan shudders & says..
'Oh sh t..she's awake!'