Sorry Pedro, for your misunderstanding. I said if WE ARE STILL STANDING (after the hurricaine) I would be happy to help.
I am aware that Jules doesn't have the full story a lot of the time, and he is awfully busy "stomping out forest fires". I feel for him, having taken on such a project with so many different directions, but he agreed to do it. I am hopeful that he gets all of his stuff together for the benefit of both RV and himself. I know he is quite capable, and I wish him the best. I hope he gets this part straight before too long. Seems it needs someones attention to sort fact from fiction.
In any event, I am through with trying to educate you or provide you with the facts. I have offered and you have declined by ignoring the offering. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Live so that when you arise in the A.M, Satan shudders & says..
'Oh sh t..she's awake!'