Here we go again , No wonder I stay away from this board....Way too much DOOM & GLOOM & Negativity ! Someone is always pointing a finger !! I could get really wild & crazy on this one & truely [#%!] you off & disturb your thinking but I will remain cool & calm like Steve
McQueen...First things first, Miss Hottie, this Gator boy from Florida would love to taste a BITE of your Tail !!HAHA...Now back to business !
No,NO,NO...the building is not cracked & sinking.These are silly rumors started by Jealous people & real estate sales people who are very competitive on this island to make a buck ! I'm a real estate Broker in Fla. with 30 years of experience, I have not sold any units in Reef Village, To own a condo in belize, you have to have alot of $$$, a vision for the future & be adventurous. Belize is out of reach for the average American. I have many clients who would love to own in reef village but can't
afford it. If you own in AC, you are part of a very elite & select group of investors who have a vision !!As for the sewage problem , I'm not aware of any , but I have faith that Jeff Pierce is doing the right thing & will resolve any issues. Sun & Sand is right on the money , We have stayed in our units & they are very solid !!
Also, the 2/2 are very spacious !! Pedro, you are Piece of work !! I'm concerned about your Health, you look like you are about to explode with a Heart Attack or Stroke !!! Slow down, smell the Roses, enjoy life more !! Stop your worry, if reef village falls down due to a hurricane or sinking, it will be rebuilt because we have insurance ( HELLO)!!!....Now let me give you the real DOOM & GLOOM Pedro & lets see if you have the smarts to reply to this one or make a "FOOL" out of yourself with the entire board !! Its been reported in Newsweek, Time magazine, Discovery Channel, HBO specials, ect...... Scientists have proven it !! Global Warming is alive & well, & melting the ice caps at a much faster pace than expected. The damage has been done, we can only hope & pray that we can slow it down !!! It wont happen in my or yours lifetime, but probably in the next 50-100 years AC will probably be under water ! Our children & your grandchildren have a rough road ahead !! So , that said. am I worried about Reef village....No,NO,NO...Am I more concerned about global warming..Yes,Yes,Yes..Well, thats all the Doom & Gloom & Negativity you will ever hear out of me!! Kinda DISTURBED your thinking didn't I !! Makes all the negative comments & finger pointing on this board now seem a little insignificant, doesn't it ?? Always look at the BIG picture in Life ! When Life hands you a Lemon , We in Florida make Lemonade !! Enjoy the beauty of San Pedro & AC & appreciate like I do ! Have Faith in God & God Bless America ,Home of the Brave & Free . I will be in San Pedro sometime in the next few months, any one is welcome to check out my condo , have a beer with me ,laugh a little & enjoy some stimulating conversation. Take care friends, cant wait for Friday ...Date Night !!! Dinner at OutBack & then off to See SuperMan Save the World at the movies !! SEEEE YAAAAAA NAZMAN..the REAL DEAL!!!!