Pedro1, My English is fine due to a good education in Florida !! You are a very Negative & Analytical person who loves to gripe, bitch, complain, & pick on people !! You have to be handled differently than most people. You dish out Fire, You get Fire !! You are still worried about the small stuff in life, You dont see the Big picture here !! You need to think outside the box !! You are way out of your league going 1 0n 1 with me !!You continue to dig your hole deeper & deeper.Case & point: Just look at your little video, to the average viewer, it shows a very angry & disturbed person. Do you appear fun & happy-go lucky ? I think Not.Maybe you did it for shock effect, but I actually think that is your personality. God help you my friend !! No one ever stands up to you on this board cause you like to run them over !! I just have the balls to tell it like it is & you are not used to that ! I'm 49 & holding but look 30 ( thanks mom ),and I am only one person with sometimes unique opinions. My opinions will not affect sales/resales of reef village & is not a reflection of other owners! Lets get real here !!For some odd reason you love to pick on Reef village and I grew tired of your Bull-SH%%T !!
Most people on this board are good hearted people
who joke around alot & are not negative in a big way & maybe they have alot of time on their hands !This subject could go on & on ,Tic for Tac,but I have to go now , I have bigger fish than you Pedro to fry ! Peace to all & Happy 4th of July !!! Pedro , Nothing Personal , strictly business !! Wasn't that the line from Godfather?
Anyhow, thats my final comment on this matter!
SEEEEEEEYaaaaaaaaaa The NazzMann shall return!!