Could not resist to jump back in !!!!
Hey Lawless , Never Judge a person til you walked 2 Moons in their Moccasins !!! And you might have trouble with that, since my Feet are probably bigger than your !!! I'm not a negative person , I just defend myself when Jabbed at !!

Hello KathyA , where have you been all my life ??
My Momma always taught me to never say No to a pretty lady, especially if she's buying you a drink ! So yes, Lets head to Berns...then a boatride at Treasure Island or a ride on my Harley or a ride in my Jeep with the wind in your hair or an evening swim in the pool & a hop in the Jacuzzi, then I'll massage your hands & feet & whatever else turns you on ....Your pick... Now thats a date night !! Law, you are invited for drinks at Berns also, you can see
if my Mocassins fit !! Its been real !! You just experienced another edition of the Naz Man, often imitated, NEVER DUPLICATED !!! Happy Holidays to everyone on this board !! The NAZZZZ