Hello everyone,
We got back from Belize 12:30 am Wednesday morning. Three weeks really wasn't too long. In fact we could have stayed longer, except we missed our pets, Emily, JD and Andy, even though they were in good hands. Actually were afraid that they would not remember us. And Duke had to go to WORK. The weather was great, about 86 degrees and sunny the whole time. Well, it did rain one morning for about 20 minutes. We didn't do a lot, mostly relaxed. It was our eleventh time in eight years to visit Belize, so we didn't need to do a lot.

The Caribbean & Lagoon

I was up most morning by 6, taking pictures of the sunrises over the ocean. However, we were in bed most evenings by 9. We are not big partiers. We went to BC's beach bar & grill several times, but did not meet any of you.

Sunrises & Sunsets

We walked to breakfast at George's Kitchen most mornings. And a lot of the time we walked into town, 1/4 mile and back. Which is pretty far for me, these days as I have Parkinson's Diease.

It was so windy, that we only went snorkeling one day. Mercedes, the boat captain of Reef Seekers pulled me around the reef, while I hung to a life ring. Gotta love that man. The throw-away underwater camera that we had was old, so the pictures didn't turn out. I won't make that mistake again.

We took rides to both ends of the island. We also went to Caye Caulker and to Belize City by water taxi. The sea was rough and the ride was bumpy. There must have been 40 people on the boat and probably one life jacket. One poor girl held onto her rosary beads and must have said 30 hail Marys.

Around & about Belize

Planes, boats, & golf carts

Duke went deep sea fishing outside the reef with two other guys one day. He got sea sick and clung to the side of the boat throwing up. All that upchuck must have been good for fishing as one of the men caught a 32 lb. barracuda.

The Big Catch

We met some old friends and made some new friends.

Friends & people of BZ

We met a lot of cats and dogs that we would have loved to bought home with us. Especially Gracie. We wanted to bring her home, but didn't. I hope someone nice takes her in, as she is a lovable sweet cat.

Cats & Dogs

We watched a local Belizean (or rather loco, crazy Belizean) feed and kiss a 14 foot crocodile.

Crocodiles & Iguanas

One of the reasons I would wake up so early each morning was because the management moved the Parrots outside our bedroom window. They would start talking & squawking from 6 am to 9 or 10 each night, thanks to people getting them riled up. We don't mind the parrots ordinarly. They're just confused with that spotlight shining on them all night long. They don't know if it's day or night.

The Pelicans would posed for me so I'd have good photos to paint.

Feather friends

The flowers are absolutely beautiful in Belize. And bananas & coconuts are waiting to be picked for pina `coloda's.

Plant life

I did four paintings while there.

Bunnies dancing http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/artzsmartzkris/detail?.dir=48ae&.dnm=76e7.jpg&.src=ph
Let's go fishing http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/artzsmartzkris/detail?.dir=48ae&.dnm=7353.jpg&.src=ph
Under the Sea (oval) http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/artzsmartzkris/detail?.dir=48ae&.dnm=2082.jpg&.src=ph
Yellow hibiscus (Oval) http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/artzsmartzkris/detail?.dir=48ae&.dnm=57d9.jpg&.src=ph

All and all we had a great time, inspite of all the bad press BYC has gotten. We are homeowners and still love it there. I even persuaded Duke to take a few pictures of me this trip.

Kris & Duke

ArtZ SmartZ