SP AC is 'Baggy shorts and floppy hats" not cruise wear [I saw that Seinfeld last night whereGeorge sells al his
Dad's cruise wear] so clothes can be kept to essentials. There arefine places to eat, but more than most resorts, you can really dress down. One of the nicest things to do is 'spoke off' to other places. My wife and I did The Winnie Estelle boat tour which was really great. A good value and a just plain fun [rhymes with rum.] The water taxi is cool as it will pick up at the dock then drop off north of the cut, where the tonier resorts are, for lunch dinner or ... My wife likes to stay around the spot while I will Do a fishing , snorkle, or Mayan trip. My vote for best happy hour is the Caribe Island resort 3 mi si\outh of airstrip where daily at5 the locals gather for some serious volleyball and belikan stouts. Fridays they have food. Dude, the bottom line is go ahead and expect the trip of a lifetime. Also remember, it is an island so every thing has to be shipped there, hence it can be pricey.