Talked to the agent and they recommeded that we fly to Belize and then change our departure date. Said it would only cost $75.00 per seat. Makes us a bit nervous. Do not understand their logic either.

We pay up-front for our stay in Cayo, and Coconuts on Ambergris would appreciate knowing in advance how many days they have to put up with us as well.

Could end up in SP without a firm return date. I am self employed, but my spouse works for the state and feels the need to be home on time.

You are correct; it is the travelers responsibilty to read (and understand) the fine print before they sign on the dotted line.

Airefares are tricky, thank you for helping me understand them; and make others aware that the best price is not always the best deal...

Will cost a bit more, but we will return to Belize this year...