Well....back in Paradise! Ain't it Grand!

Had a great holiday and a much needed rest.
Now ready to get to work!

Bill.....great news about your place! I'm relieved. Look forward to seeing you again and having one of our long discussions over lunch at Cannibals.
Orion should be here then and maybe we can talk her into giving us a welcome home special....LOL

Vicki......it was great seeing you.....just sorry I didn't get around to it sooner. Wish I had more time to spend with you. Will have to make up for it when you get here.

Cheri....I thought about you when I watched the weather channel....LOL Poor girl....you need to get down here soon and thaw out.
How was your holiday? Over your cold yet?

Well....let me see if I can get some unpacking done.....grrrr. [Linked Image]

I had 2 big boxes of stuff to bring back....but seems there is an embargo on boxes at American Airlines till the 6th....I missed it by 2 days!

Hauled the damn things all the way to New Orleans and had to send them back with my brother.

Guess I'll ship them here by freight in a week or two. Very inconvenient!....all my Christmas presents were in them....LOL

Oh well....such is life! [Linked Image]