I have a history of hidden and/or destroyed t-shirts also... must be a wife thing. In my frequent strikes (I'm from a UAW/Union family) where I refused to do laundry for anyone else in this house. Douglas.. my husband, as a protest my husband wore his Nutty Buddy T-shirt under his dress shirt to work (I forgot to inspect him b4 leaving the house that morning) because he didn't have any clean white t-shirts. (Got some razzing from that one at the company Christmas party) When he got home from work I threw a hissy fit and tore it off of him... caused such a negative reaction from him that I ended up zigzag sewing it back together, for fear of impending death. It remains in infamy in his t-shirt drawer and is worn on those infrequent (frequent) occasions when I am unruly as a homage to male power. Next time its just going to "disappear" like matching socks do in the wash.