I have been trying from some weeks to reserve accommodations for a lengthy stay on Caye Caulker, from December 20 to January 8, for myself and my wife. Since the regular phone numbers do not yet work, I contacted Moran by e-mail at the Cyber Café, who said he would pass on my request for a beachside cabin to some places I liked from a previous visit, like The Seaview Hotel, Shirley’s Guest House, and the Anchorage.

However, I have heard nothing back for almost two weeks, and Moran has not responded to my e-mail for an update. Maybe the lines are down again?

Any advice from anyone on the board about how to pass on my request to these people to see if they will be back in operation and have space for the holiday season. I can be contacted at the e-mail or number below, or if someone can provide me the temporary phone number for these businesses, I will call.

Thanks, and best wishes in this difficult time.

Allen Smith
[email protected]