Hi Jane the vacation went very well the first few days were choppy on the water so we biked to town,or took taxis- looked at shops bought some tshirts and bugged SS for the 1st few days we then went to shark ray and hol chan that tour was fantastic we got some great underwater shots!the only other tour we did was altun ha that was pretty cool.The food gee where to begin we loved bc`s bbq on the beach ,Jambels was mmmmmm we also like sweet basil quite a bit ,and the burger i had from a nite vendor was awesome Sandshaker brought us to that place very good! And of course we went to cannibals quite often with SS-PLACE WAS AWESOME HOPE TO GO BACK SOMEDAY PS- WHEN MY GF GOES THRU HER JOURNAL I WILL WRITE A DETAILED SUMMARY INSTEAD OF THIS JUMBELED STUFF!! [Linked Image]