You sound like me. LOL at being pumped for June. I say, "Go for it!" Would LOVE for you to be there. Share notes with Jane and be ruthless with the enticement. Dan may just come around. You never know. My husband told me we weren't going on vacation either this year. He had a particularly bad day at work. I gave him a beer in a Belikin glass, handed him the Caribbean Travel magazine and turned Bob Marley on the stereo. Worked like a charm. Had my tickets within two weeks. [Linked Image] I'm not a cute little pixi like Jane either. She should have an easier time. How could Frank refuse her??????? She's adorable. Plus I offered to help with the taxes. (reciepts and stuff)so we could get our return back faster and afford it. That seemed to help as well. Hubby scowls and grinds his teeth during this time. USE THOSE GOD GIVEN CHARMS GIRLS!!!!! [Linked Image]


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