Here's her list:
1.) 2 Cartons of Camel 99's
2.) 2 24 oz Equate Moisterizing cleanser (Walmart)
3.) 2 6 oz Equate "Oil of Beauty" (Walmart)
4.) 1 32 oz Tresemme' revitalizing color care shampoo (Walmart)I've also seen this at Target.
5.) 1 16oz Volumax styling gel @ Sally's Beauty Supply.
6.) 1 10 oz Tresemme' European Tres Spray
7.) Blades for Gilette razor (Sensor I think, white strip at top, 2 blades underneath).
8.) 2 Bottles Echenacea (sp?) Any Brand
9.) Cinnamon colored nail enamel. Doesn't need to be expensive.

From Kurt (Orion's boyfriend)
1.) Mens Dockers 33waist 30 inseam. Spend no more than $30 U.S.
2.) Size 11 1/2 - 12 Namebrand Sneakers - lowtops, no more than $70.00 U.S.
3.) Diablo II Expansion Set.

So, if any of you going here shortly have a little extra room in you luggage, Orion would really appreciate any of the above items. And it's only money out of your pocket for a short while because you get reimbursed as soon as you deliver the goodies. But remember, if anyone purchases any of these items, you need to reply here and let us know which ones to cross off. They were wanting a good volleyball (couldn't find one there) so we bought one last weekend and will get it in the mail in the next couple of days. So go, have fun and play volleyball with them when you deliver whatever you brought. Thanks everyone, your great!!