I want to be there too. . . . . .
One place I didn't check out while we were there was the Jaguar Club.
Any good? I here from the locals that it's as good as Iguana and doesn't cost anything in cab fair to get there, and no cover charge. So it's doing well as compared to other.
Wow, my sister Heidi called me this evening and told me that she hadn't called me in a while because if she heard my voice it would remind her of belize and she was trying not to be thinking about it so much! Making her sad!
And we did some nights out. . . . .he he he. . .
You know, Denny, that Fido's thing. . . . .

Jane- go to the palms! Mom's units are 15 and 32 pick one!! If you have the kids, stay upstairs in 32. If not, 15!
You'll love it!

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