Sure, Razor. No problem. I looked at the positives rather than focus on the negative. I know you'll make the best of it. We did.

Cahal Pech is $69 a night for a room and $79 a night for the thatched roof cabana. See They are very simple rooms. Cabanas are much nicer than the rooms. Not at all fancy but a perfect base for activities nearby. It's very close to Tikal if you chose to go there. The resort will set up any tour you wish to do. They have their own guides on-site and at Tikal. They arrange all transportation.

They will also arrange to have you picked up at the water taxi terminal or the airport if you need.

The Cahal Pech ruins are right next to the resort.

If you rent a car, it's a 2 hour drive to San Ignacio but an easy drive. You won't get lost. The zoo is on the way to San Ignacio and you could do it on your way. It doesn't take long to see. It's a small zoo but nice. You will also pass Jaguar Paw which is where cave tubing and zipling is. The resort will arrange those tours for you too. On the way back to the water taxi terminal, our driver stopped at the zoo for us.

As far as Lamanai, it's a long ways from San Ignacio. Tikal, however, is very close. You could do a tour of Lamanai from A.C. We were going to but we ran out of time.

Have fun! I know you will!