Sheesh... Charmin of da how am i posed to TOP dis one?!?!?!?!!
no wunder youse been 'off'.... i can see now why it's taken youse 8 days to were just too busy COMING up wit dese here idears... what, 11 a day?!?!?! but i gotta hang wit dat Punta chick on da attitood bout so many, so little. only i can't hang wit her on da way too much thingy; don't ever recall saying dat to a guy..... OUCH!!! i know, i know... i'm outta here!! but if'n Marty hasn't booted your paper rollin butt, den i should be OK....and as my motto goes... see da Unisys one.... BTW....what am i posed to try out????????

HAHAHAHAHHHHAA Amen Sunkissed!!! got his little feeling hurt.... but i ain't gonna kiss it and make it feel better.. nope, not dis chick.....

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